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Shadows by BohemianDoodles Shadows :iconbohemiandoodles:BohemianDoodles 0 0 Portrait II by BohemianDoodles Portrait II :iconbohemiandoodles:BohemianDoodles 1 0 Water by BohemianDoodles Water :iconbohemiandoodles:BohemianDoodles 1 0 Fenced In by BohemianDoodles Fenced In :iconbohemiandoodles:BohemianDoodles 0 0 Portrait I by BohemianDoodles Portrait I :iconbohemiandoodles:BohemianDoodles 0 0 Wise Eyes by BohemianDoodles Wise Eyes :iconbohemiandoodles:BohemianDoodles 2 0
The Witch
Her craft as dark as night,
Her language strange as can be,
Her ways so very misunderstood.
She is a conjuror,
A seer,
And a healer.
She is one with the world,
One with the trees,
And one with the animals.
She casts magic upon her land,
And gives life to death,
She is the witch.
:iconbohemiandoodles:BohemianDoodles 0 2
The Lagoon
It is black and cold,
The smell of death lingers
Above the still waters.
The plants are all dead,
And the trees reach to the sky,
Like dead skeleton fingers.
It is a dark place,
With decay in the foggy air,
And water black like the reaper’s veil.
Everything in it is dead,
Or gone, like the life
From your rosy cheeks.
Our first and last,
You, my one and only,
Lay at the bottom in the silt.
:iconbohemiandoodles:BohemianDoodles 2 0
My Funeral
The sky is black,
The chamber is prepared,
The roses are cut,
And the ashes have fallen.
The rain begins to pour,
A world covered in black,
The gravestone is set,
Now laid down in the tomb.
Tears are shed,
Now it is free,
It shall fall or fly,
It will come to pass.
Welcome to this event,
The main show has just begun,
I hope you enjoy yourself,
At this unholy time.
At my funeral.
:iconbohemiandoodles:BohemianDoodles 0 0
Mature content
Riot :iconbohemiandoodles:BohemianDoodles 0 0
I am the demon,
You cast away into hell.
I am the mad dog,
You shot in the chest.
I am the great beast,
Killed by a hero.
I am the criminal,
Forgotten in a cell.
I am the deranged,
Left alone in a room.
I am the evil,
That deserves no love.
:iconbohemiandoodles:BohemianDoodles 0 2
The Writer
Some write for life,
Some write for death,
Some write for light,
Some write for dark.
Some write for love,
Some write for hate,
Some write for hope,
Some write for shame.
I write for you,
I write for me,
I write for the saints,
I write for the sinners.
I write for the birth,
I write for the death,
I write for purity,
I write for filth.
I write alone,
Death is my pen,
Darkness my ink,
Despair my paper.
I write with you,
I write with the rebels,
The left behind
And the banished.
Some write for Eve,
Some write for Adam,
Some write with angels,
Some write with demons.
Some write for themselves,
Some write for the masses,
Some write with ink,
Some write with blood.
I will write forever.
:iconbohemiandoodles:BohemianDoodles 1 0
Mature content
Exquisite Torture :iconbohemiandoodles:BohemianDoodles 1 0
Trembling of the hands,
Beating of the heart,
Stumbling feet,
Shaking knees.
Horror is here,
Here to stay,
Stay with you,
Here forever in your mind.
Tortured screams
Resonate throughout
The cavernous mouth
Of the monstrosity.
Grossly deformed,
Left alone
By its master,
Now it only searches.
Its found you,
And now it consumes you,
Swallowing your screams,
Swallowing your soul.
:iconbohemiandoodles:BohemianDoodles 0 0
Mature content
Spirit :iconbohemiandoodles:BohemianDoodles 0 0
Mature content
Unholy God :iconbohemiandoodles:BohemianDoodles 0 3


betta2 by sandara betta2 :iconsandara:sandara 7,558 344



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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Current Residence: U.S.A
Favourite genre of music: indie rock, industrial, 40s music
Favourite cartoon character: Alucard
Personal Quote: Can't win against fools
Holy crap it's been awhile since I've been on here. I had a little under 10,000 messages o_O

So, what's new...

I got a boyfriend.
School is awesome.
I'm out of my 1940s phase (for now).
I found my camera.

So instead of writing poetry I'll probably go back to photography. I started to take some portrait photos, and I'm really happy with the way they turned out.
To be honest I'm way more interested in taking pictures of humans rather than animals, and certainly rather than plants. I've honestly grown to hate flowers -_-

That's all for now, and look forward to some new pieces.
  • Listening to: Imagine Dragons, The XX
  • Watching: Law and Order: SVU
  • Eating: a sammich
  • Drinking: tea



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